7 Quick Takes: Pseudephedrine Edition

1. Whatever was growing in my sinuses has just achieved sentience and experienced a Fall. I’ve resorted to pseudephedrine sulfate in an attempt to unstuff myself. That’s pretty bad – pseudephedrine makes me jittery and wired and if I sleep, I have crazy dreams. I hate the stuff. So if I’m taking it, this cold is pretty bad.

2. GeekBaby is sick too. And what on earth has happened to the good old childen’s chewable Tylenol? They want me to buy more liquid for him to drink from a cup (this is a sticky disaster in the offing) or I could go up a stage to the enormous 160mg Meltaways. I tried to give him one of the latter last night and was terrified he’d choke on it. He finally chewed it up (they do not melt as advertised) and went back to sleep. They also put too much sugar in it, he’s started asking for it on the slightest pretext. Yet one more example of how modern parents are unwilling to cause their children any discomfort, even if it’s to their child’s benefit.

3. My son has a baby doll. I’m fine with this, I bought it for him. But…there’s no good way to say this, this baby doll is naked. Every scrap of clothing was pink, even the diaper. So the doll goes naked. But ever since we babysat for our friend’s newborn over the weekend, he’s been playing with that doll. I need to make it some clothes, or at least a diaper. Or a fig leaf.

4. When I said a new baby meant there would be war, that war would be between me and GeekBaby, not GeekBaby and the new baby. He will want to hold the baby and feeds the baby and carry the baby and change the baby’s diapers, and will fight constantly to be allowed to do. He’s really quite helpful at other times. He pushes the grocery cart, and helps put the groceries away, and helps set the table and unload the dishwasher and make the beds… So he’s not going to understand why he can’t help with the baby. Those first six months would be a nightmare.

5. GeekBaby just put on his sunglasses and told me he was going outside to start a fire, and that I should stay inside “like a big boy.” I really thought I had another five years before this brand of boy behavior started.

6. Oh, hey, one of my instructables ended up in an eBook! It’s the minimalist changing pad. I loved that thing, it was the itty bittiest changing pad I ever saw. But we’re into potty training now, so they’ve been packed away against the future.

7. Whoever is in charge of such things finally got his act together and put The Golden Age up on the iBookstore. They’ve had the middle and last book of the trilogy up for forever and it’s been driving me crazy that the first one was missing. Now I finally have a complete set and the library can stop sending me hate mail.

Forgive my lack of linkage today, I’m going to go collapse in a puddle now.

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