7 Quick Takes: Really Late Zoo Edition

Yes, I know this is going up on Saturday evening instead of Friday morning. I will not let lateness and imperfection sway me, this week was far too entertaining not to write about. As always, thanks to our hostess Jen @ Conversion Diary

1. I’d taken Monday off with the intention of taking GeekBaby to the zoo. We have a family zoo membership, so with a picnic it’s essentially a free outing. We don’t take advantage of this enough while the weather is nice. This is because we are dumb.

But as things turned out, I couldn’t make good on this promise because I spent all Monday waiting for the plumbers and trying to get our gas turned back on.

On Saturday, we resolved to get a bunch of chores done, among them organizing the garage. Mike was installing some brackets to hang up the stepladder when he drilled right into the house’s gas main.

Yes, I said gas main. And drill. Poor husband. He probably couldn’t repeat this feat if he tried.

The next thirty minutes were a jumble of killing the electricity, waking and evacuating the child, some hyperventilating when I realized our neighbor’s barbecue grill was lit, and, finally, through the combined efforts of two valiant Mexicans (Mike and our neighbor across the street) shutting off the gas. (Shutting off the gas is the one utility they didn’t show us how to kill in an emergency when we bought the place.). Also, the fire department came.

So we had no hot water all weekend and instead of a fun filled day at the zoo Monday, GeekBaby had a day of Bob the Builder LIVE. But the nice plumbers fixed my gas main and eventually the utility company agreed to turn our gas back on. It would have been even better if they’d told me so instead of leaving me on hold for thirty minutes, then hanging up on me, but such is life. I guess.

2. And of course that Sunday was the day we started a new DnD game at our house. Which I am GMing (rather awkwardly), but I hope everyone had a respectable amount of fun. One girl ended up playing a ‘Snow White’ druid and her animal companion is a host of squirrels. Which is awesome, but means that I need to work up stats and level progression. You can go ahead and say “nerrrrrrds” now, I know you wanna. Also I just found out that ‘host’ is an acceptable collective noun for squirrels, which is pretty cool.

3. We finally made it to the zoo on Friday. GeekBaby had a blast. He really gets into walking around and seeing all the animals. We went by the tiger enclosure five times, but never saw him. Saw all the lions though, and the elephant babies, and the grizzly bears, and the otters!

The otters were my favorite animal. They were very interested in us sitting on the ledge on the other side of the glass, and kept coming over to watch us.

I confess, I find it almost as interesting to watch the other parents and kids as it is to watch animals. Next time I think I may take a notebook to take down observations on stroller use. It seemed like a disproportionate number of girls between ages two and five ride in strollers versus boys.

I’m taking great pains to encourage GeekBaby to walk, especially carrying his backpack, in light of our upcoming trip to Arches. I just don’t think I can carry him in the hiking backpack, he’s so big and heavy and strong. He can go a good three hours at the zoo (with appropriate rest and food breaks), but hiking with him will be slow going.

4. Also at the zoo, GeekBaby turned around and hollered at an elderly gentleman “I’ve got my eye on you!” I would have died of embarrassment, but I was laughing too hard. I don’t know where he gets this stuff. I have a terrible mommy-poker face.

5. Speaking of poker, when I changed his diaper last night, I found a two of diamonds and a three of clubs stuck to his butt! !!! !!! !!!

6. On other mysterious behaviors of my progeny, yesterday in his bath he filled up all his empty shampoo bottles with water, put them in that blue tub from the hospital, and then balanced the whole mess on the tub edge. When I tipped them back into the tub with my foot he shouted “Hey, that was my beer!” Funny, but mortifying. Why does his pretend play always involve making me flip out? I scolded him over it and so tonight he spent a lot of time explaining how they were now bottles of milk, and not beer.

7. And I’m just going to finish with this tonight:

The initial audio is a little soft, but that’s “ubi charitas” he’s singing over and over to his Timmy doll. So cute!

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