I See What You Did There!

It’s been a while since I did a look into the day’s Girl Genius… I got derailed by that boring little interlude with Oublenmach.

But today!

The Baron is clever. Very, very clever. So there’s a plot to use the Storm King/Heterodyne Princess fairy tale to seize control of Europa, hmm? He’ll just hijack that plot and set up Gil to be proclaimed the Storm King, and then possibly marry him off to the fake Heterodyne that he has conveniently locked up elsewhere in the hospital.

Of course that last bit is the worst possible plan, but he doesn’t know that and probably won’t listen.

See, I’ve always held that the title the Storm King is a sobriquet, like Louis XIV being acclaimed ‘the Sun King.’ The Storm King had to do something that earned that nickname. And Gil called down the lightning, something that both Klaus, and the plotters held to be significant.

So here’s what will happen. Klaus will regale the Professor with a historical account of how the Storm King became the Storm King. (I’m guessing it will involve calling lightning.) And then the wily Baron will send the Professor out into the town to tell that story to the townspeople. Soon, Gil is acclaimed the Storm King and Tarvek is royally cheesed off.

I support any course of action that cheeses off Tarvek.

It’s a cunning move. Gil becoming the Storm King not only robs the conspiracy of its motive force, but uses it to increase the authority and legitimacy of the Wulfenbach Empire!

Anyway, that’s my guess. The next week or so should be really fun.

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