7 Quick Takes – What A WEEK! Edition

Technically two in a row! (Good Friday doesn’t count, for bookkeeping purposes.) Thanks again to our hostess Jen @ Conversion Diary!

1. I started the working week by having my small son crawl up onto my lap from our bed, cuddle sweetly into my shoulder… and vomit on my bathrobe. I hastily rearranged my Monday so I could stay home with him. He was sick repeatedly till noon, then ate a bowl of dried cheerios, drank some apple juice and passed out on my lap for four hours. He woke up hungry and ready to take on the world.

This destroyed my neatly scheduled week. I couldn’t do the grocery shopping. I spent most of the day cuddling my sick and very messy child. Thank heaven for a new iPad and the realization that the first two Monkey Island games are on the app store!

On the plus side, my son did learn to run for the potty if he felt imminently queasy.

2. I’ve had my iPad 2 for about ten days now, and I love it. I’m even writing this blog post on it. Touch typing is possible, if you get acquainted with the autocorrect, but dangerous. One simply must proofread. And the lack of an apostrophe key on the main keyboard is frustrating. I’ll have to put a full out review up sometime, but it certainly makes for an adequate laptop replacement for me. With the addition of a real keyboard, it will probably be even better. EDIT: After typing this, a keyboard is definitely a necessity for any sort of long form typing.

3. Do to some undisclosed drama from a recent neighborhood crawfish boil, we now own a shotgun. And as I do not permit anything in my house that I don’t know how to use, I now get to take shooting lessons. Oh yay. That sucker is heavy. I’ve put on quite a bit of upper body muscle from coping with GeekBaby, who is both heavy and strong, but apparently it’s not enough.

4. I have 21 blackberries of my cane, 4 Roma tomatoes and 6 grape tomatoes on my plants,bus sweet basils that need picking again, and a variety of herbs in pots at different stages of needing water. I think my cilantro won’t be able to cope with the heat, but the Italian parsley seems to be a bit more rugged. And, of course, nothing kills mint. Also, at least one of my zucchini, summer squash, watermelon, and cantaloupe seedlings have survived and taken off. It helps that they’re planted on a section of fence where they can mooch off a neighbors overzealous sprinkler system.

5. Apple has made my list. I recently decided I wanted to start praying the Angelus, and set up some alarms on my iPod to facilitate this. Then I thought it would be quite spiffy if the alarm sound was actually the Angelus bells. That’s when I found out I can’t add ringtones to my iPod touch (2G). Well, fine. I’ll just use my iPad! It’s usually close enough for me to hear an alarm go off. That’s when I find out that Apple was too lazy to include their Clock app on the iPad. So I can add ringtones to the iPad, but can’t set up any native background alarms. And on my iPod I can set up native background alarms with a variety of sounds but I can’t add custom ringtones. And none of the second party clock apps in the store can do what I want. Plus they’re all crap. It’s ridiculously annoying.

6. My son is more organized than I am. When we are getting ready to leave in the morning, he asks if I have my keys, pass (my work badge), wallet, purse, keys, coffee, and shopping list. Now, I know he picked this up from listening to my mom ask my dad and myself this little litany, but the shopping list is his own innovation. To GeekBaby, I’m notorious for forgetting my shopping list.

7. Yesterday, my myocyte isolation had a ridiculously low yield of cells despite the fact that every step looked exactly as it should. The new guy’s response was not brainstorming out the problem, but just to say that he’s often though benchwork involves a bit of black magic. By black magic, I hope he doesn’t mean actual devil worship, but instead just a frustrating application of Murphey’s law, or excessive activity by Maxwell’s demon (a la Stasheff’s A Wizard In Rhyme series). As for me, I think it was probably that I used a different centrifuge. Still vastly irritating and embarrassing. I hate it when experiments don’t work, especially when I make extra effort to be both diligent and meticulous. It’s so demoralizing.

Bonus: GeekBaby is doing his ‘exercises’. This apparently consists of climbing on the furniture and practicing pouncing on things. One in four times, he lands on his face and then declares he needs more practice. I’m a little worried over what he’s practicing all this pouncing for… He won’t say.

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One Response to 7 Quick Takes – What A WEEK! Edition

  1. Flycat says:

    More drama at the crawfish boil? I thought this year was much better.

    Enjoy learning to shoot. Are you going to get your CHL?

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