My Very First 7 Quick Takes

Please note, these aren’t the first 7 Quick Takes I’ve started, but they are the first I finished.  7 Quick Takes is hosted by the gracious Jen  at Conversion Diary.

1.  We’re all sick here.  Again.  Another cold.  This one appears to be minor.  But it has been the worst winter for colds I’ve seen in a while.  Also, it feels peculiar to talk about winter when it’s currently 82 F outside (that’s not the daily high either, that was 90 F.)  Technically, I guess it’s spring now.  Amazing how that creeps up on you when your whole family is bouncing from cold to cold.

2.  When we haven’t been sick, we’ve been working to tame our backyard.  While I appreciate properly wild backyards, complete with flora and fauna, ours has just gone feral.  I hope it will eventually accept that we’ll feed it and care for it and love it, and therefore stop trying to kill us!

3.  Check out what I found last Saturday while I was dismantling an old raised vegetable bed.

Yes, that’s a black widow.  Yes, I went to get my camera, but primarily because I also needed a spider killing instrument.  My weapon of choice was the crowbar, as seen in the photo.  It was highly effective.  I couldn’t just step on it.  What if it crawled up my jeans and bit me on the butt?

I do normally attempt to resist killing spiders in my garden (although I loath them), because I appreciate any possible reduction in the mosquito population.  But a black widow is literally too dangerous to live.  Not two hours earlier my toddler was sitting a scant two feet away from the spider’s lair, helping me plant nasturtiums and lopping off the tops of especially long blades of grass with some stolen scissors.  Just thinking about it makes me feel queasy and terrified.

As far as I’m concerned, this development means landscaping is now a matter of life and death.  Yet progress this weekend is unlikely.  See (1).

4)  One of my friends has some chronic and mysterious health problems going on.  (Please pray for her.)  This was bad enough before, and we’ve spent our share of time visiting her in hospitals and ERs and such, but she had a baby girl in February and that really complicates things.  So yesterday, I got a call that she was in the ER again, and could I please collect the baby on my way home from work?  Which I did.  She’s still here, and will probably be here for much of the weekend.  What happens when Monday rolls around is anybody’s guess at this point.

5)  In the meantime, I’ve learned three things from our tiny houseguest.

  • While GeekBaby has specifically requested a sister, he’s not so keen on actually having a baby around all the time.  If he does get siblings, there will be war.
  • I thoroughly despise those infant carriers.  Adding 10 pounds to the infant and then having to carry the whole shebang at the end of one arm just does not work for me.  To be frank, I wonder that it works for anyone.
  • I’m way too lazy to pick formula over breastfeeding.

6)  GeekBaby lost his iPod* today.  We got back from running errands and he informed me that he couldn’t find it.  I knew it made it into the car with him, so I built up a full head of panic.  I’d just ordered him a Woogie for an upcoming lengthy car trip, and then he loses the iPod.  We found it, thankfully.  Somehow it made it’s way completely beneath his carseat.  Taking the carseat out and putting it back is a small price to pay if it means he won’t constantly be nagging for MY iPod.

*Yes, he has an iPod touch.  This sounds frivolous until you learn it’s my old one that I dropped and cracked the glass in one corner.  It’s not dangerous and it still works, so I let him have it, and claimed Mike’s iPod that he abandoned in favor of his iPhone as my own.  Its the circle of life here at Domus Geekus.

7)  Speaking of GeekBaby, he’s taken to telling our food the most disturbing things.  On Tuesday, we ran out to buy more tortillas.  He carried them through the store and insisted on holding them in his carseat.  As we pulled into the garage, I heard him tell them “don’t worry, you’re safe now.”  This is not the first time I’ve heard him comforting the food we bring home from the grocery store.  It’s more disturbing when you consider that he only comforts the food he particularly likes to eat.  He never comforts the kale.  Poor kale.

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One Response to My Very First 7 Quick Takes

  1. Flycat says:

    Somehow I missed number 7 the first time. People are staring at me for laughing too loud now.

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