Flat Beer IS Evil!

My apologies, it’s been a week of tantrums here at Casa Geek.  I just can’t type when the toddler is wailing and trying to climb on me, even when there’s nothing wrong with him.  Ugh.  He’s playing nicely now and leaving me alone, which history suggests that he’s probably pooping.

It’s true.  We’ve been experimenting with a keg of Shiner at our house, and lets just say it seemed to take a lot of trial and error to get the pressure right.  Even then, pouring is everything.  But I digress.

Today we’ve shifted focus to a new vignette, Othar and his sister Sanaa.  I’m afraid this will need a little background.

Okay, so Othar has been sent into the castle by Baron Wulfenbach to rescue his son.  But this Othar, according to Othar’s Twitter, is the consciousness of an Othar that lived a different time stream, lived in isolation for 20 years, only to emerge and find a world completely devestated by The Other.  A malfigured Tarvek sent his conscious back in time to change the future.  Othar is then captured by the Baron’s agent and sent into the castle to rescue Gil – this is where the two timestreams diverge.

Something Othar does is (theoretically) going to prevent a future devastated by the Other.

From Othar’s Twitter, we know the following about the alternate timeline:

  1. The Heterodynes reappear, which Othar presumes to be Agatha.  Free beer and cheese for all!
  2. The Other re-emerges.
  3. There is a Heterodyne-Wulfenbach alliance marriage, but not Gil.
  4. Gil died inside Castle Heterodyne
  5. A couple years later the Other devastates Europa.

Given this information, I think it’s safe to surmise that, in the alternate timeline events progressed much the way they’ve done in the comic, up to some as yet undetermined future point, when Lucrezia manages to seize control of the Castle as the Heterodyne, the Baron, and his empire.  Possibly Agatha as well, but we should note that she no longer needs Agatha to do so.  There are too many possible ways this could happen, but the important aspect is that Gil dies.

(In it self, Gil’s death is significant in the alternate timeline, since we’ve seen the threat of Gil dying to be previously sufficient for Agatha to shake the Other’s control without her locket.)

While Gil has been in serious danger several times in the Castle, his survival has never obviously been impacted by Othar’s presence in the Castle.  My pet theory is that Othar has already changed the course of events by rescuing Sanaa, and it is Sanaa that will save Gil’s life.  Anyway.

Something Big is still going to happen.

And so Wednesday we got a glimpse back in the Castle, of some of the other, in my opinion major, players in the Big Something that has yet to occur.  And I like this, because it feels like we’re finally getting somewhere, plot-wise.  This is probably a false hope, I know.

Wednesday also asks the question of where everyone else is.  I’m especially interested in discovering where Ticktoffen is.  We haven’t seen him since he and Zola disappeared from those cages in the Red Playroom, with the exception of a brief vignette when Agatha shut down the Castle.  He’s with Zola then, and he doesn’t look very happy.

Well, that didn’t last very long.  Now he’s trying to take the power brick for the laptop on “a short walk”.  Oh well.

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