…Now With 50% Less Laziness!

…my life essentially imploded back in November or December, and I just stopped writing anything. Then I got out of the habit of even pretending I was going to write anything, and things just snowballed from there.

Since November I’ve:

  • taught Apologetics for HS level CCE (which I didn’t find out I was doing until I was literally walking into the Religious Ed. office to say “me doing this was a mistake.” Before I could say anything I was handed my notes for the next class!)
  • made oodles of my Christmas presents (and ended up working on them till the 23rd! Next year I need to have them done before Advent.)
  • got a new godchild
  • made him a baptismal gown (of which I still haven’t posted the project pictures)
  • a whole bunch of people had babies, but I wasn’t one of them
  • was married for 7 years
  • work exploded with activity
  • Mike got older
  • we were asked to be godparents (Again! That makes 3!)

…and a whole miscellany of other stuff.  (Please note that thank you notes are shamefully not on this list.)

And with all of that, and especially everything that’s been going on at work (nothing bad, just lots and lots of long days), I just shut down under it all.  I was exhausted.

So here it goes.  I’m going to write and post something every day, Monday through Friday.  It may be nothing more substantial than a brief commentary on the latest Girl Genius, but it will be something.  It will be something.  Not necessarily better than nothing, in this case, but then you don’t have to read it.

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