Clockwork Villainess

I had a general sense of unease for the last couple years of Girl Genius, because we didn’t know what had happened to the instance of Lucrezia in the clockwork princess.  And now she’s resurfaced in the worst possible way imaginable.  Neatly done, it gives us some tension to focus on while Agatha & Co. repair the castle without getting us bogged down in the minutia of watching every repair.  It also gives us the possibility of finally getting some more real information.

For instance, today’s episode leaves me wondering whether our clockwork villainess is a real Spark or no.  We know constructs could be Sparks if you had Sparky starting material, but clanks?  It’s an interesting (and a little contradictory) take on the mind-brain connection.  One could even write an essay on it.  Me, I’m going to presume she is a Spark.  It seems safer.

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