If anyone is listening, I have started posting in my shamefully neglected cooking blog again. Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and so food has been on my mind more than usual lately.

This essentially means I’m also dreaming about food, since I must think about cooking the entire time I’m awake already. What to make for dinner. What to make for dessert on Sunday. Why my cinnamon rolls keep drying out. These are my thoughts while I sit at the lab bench and pipet PCR plates. Or worse, run western blots.

I loathe western blots. Finicky, qualitative bastards.

Anyway. We’re having TWO Thanksgivings this year. I’m cooking one on Saturday for my available family, plus two dear friends. There will also be board gaming and at least one kitchen fire. Then we’re leaving on Monday for the Valley for a real Hispanic Thanksgiving, the one meal a year where my mother in law serves rolls instead of tortillas. I’m not sure why. I say serve tortillas and be proud of them!

I say that because I can’t find a decent tortillaria within 25 miles of my house and am bitter.

Naturally, a trip to the valley means I’ll be offline for a week. But before that, it’ll be all Thanksgiving all the time. And then when I get back, I’ll start in on Christmas goodies.

If anyone is interested, I’ll be at Om Nom Nom.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled infrequently posted inanity.

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