Look At All I Did Today!

I’m so proud of myself, of how much I work I accomplished today, even with GeekBaby in tow. Especially considering we didn’t get up till 8 this morning. Heck, sleeping in was my first accomplishment. GeekBaby and I got a good ten hours of sleep, and woke up feeling better than we have in the last ten days. So I deflated the air mattress where we’d been sleeping (to avoid disturbing and/or being disturbed by Mike). Picked up GeekBaby’s room. Gathered a half dozen loads of laundry. Took out the trash. Wrote down the menu and shopping list. Did a bunch of errands. Voted while carrying a sleeping 30 lb. toddler. Unloaded the car and put everything away. Started laundry. Cleaned the downstairs bathroom. Cleaned out the fridge. Made pumpkin bread. Folded laundry (got through four loads). Made dinner. And moved my compost heap from the far end of the yard to the near. Of course I haven’t done a lick of writing.

See, while November might be NaNoWriMo, it’s also GeekHouse Fall Cleaning Month. I can’t clean before Halloween, because it gets all chaos-y with the costume making festivities. And yet the house must be spotless before Advent or I end up baking a gross of pepparkakor and two apple pies on Christmas Eve while simultaneously sewing pajama pants for my mother’s gift and tracking blood all over the house because I was barefoot in the kitchen and stepped on a tiny, mysterious shard of glass. (True story of last year.)

Granted, last year I also wrapped up a big mouse echocardiography study on the 23rd. That won’t be happening this year. Thank heaven.

But I never know what madness might happen at work. To avoid another last year, this November is my first annual fall cleaning month. I will clean my house from top to bottom AND in between, just in time to mess it up during Advent by decorating, making, and baking for Christmas. Oof.

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