Halloween Quarantine!

I should have gone whole hog this Halloween and put up quarantine signs all around my house. Except I was too sick to paint them up. I was even too sick to think them up.

GeekBaby and I have been sick since a week ago Sunday. He got an ear infection, so in addition to feeling like death warmed over myself, I get to pin a struggling toddler yelling “No, No, NO!” down and syringe 5mL of amoxicillin in his mouth. Twice daily.

I think we’re on the mend, but it’s slow going. On Saturday, GeekBaby started eating vaster quantities of food in the morning (his food consumption had dropped off while he was sick). And yesterday evening I cooked dinner and only had to rest once!

With all this being sick, I’d forgotten to buy any Halloween candy. It didn’t worry me, we didn’t have any trick or treaters last year, and I didn’t expect any this year. But they came by the score! We resorted to handing out Target-brand fruit snacks which I luckily had bought a huge box of on Friday.

We even did a short round the block of trick or treating. GeekBaby does not like strangers in general. He coped with the first two houses reasonably well, but broke down at the third house and when other little kids in costumes started swarming past us said he was scared so we walked around the block and up the greenway in the pitch dark back to our house.

Go figure. My kid will walk around unlandscaped terrain in the pitch dark without anxiety, but absolutely would not approach the overweight and heavily tattooed couple sitting in their driveway handing out candy. He’s smarter than even I give him credit for! (The tattooed lady of the last house was extremely nice and walked down to put a piece of candy in his pumpkin though.)

But that’s where I’ve been for the last week. This year’s costume post and some other Halloween-y things have been delayed by this cold but should be up tonight.

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