GeekLady’s Halloween Rules

I have rules for Halloween costumes in my house. They may be a little muddled, some are broad, some are quite specific. But they are designed to both combat the things I think are really wrong with Halloween these days, and promote the parts of Halloween that are healthy parts of childhood.

They are also carte blanche to dress my babies up in whatever tickles my sense of humor at the moment. How long I can keep it up before they start expressing preferences for cartoon characters is anyone’s guess.

  1. A good costume is the unity of good idea and good implementation, but starts with a good idea. You must have a good idea. Preferably an awesome idea, but I admit that’s asking a bit much.
  2. Absolutely no prefabricated costumes.
  3. A modest budget is to be observed, to be applied towards specific requirements, such as overalls or masks or stripy socks.
  4. Basic supplies, such as paints, cardboard, and makeup, will be provided for by the privy purse.
  5. You are expected to participate as you are able in the costume making process. The older you get, the more effort will be required from you.
  6. Historical accuracy is encouraged.
  7. Costume assembly should use materials already available whenever possible, and especially use the scraps and leftovers from our numerous other projects.
  8. Theming costumes with the rest of the family provides a budget boost proportionate to the awesomeness of the theme.
  9. Mom & Dad have final say over a costume’s appropriateness.
  10. No trollopy costumes (or its male equivalent).
  11. No costumes that glorify sin.
  12. The costume must in all other respects be tasteful.

So, there they are. I think they’re quite reasonable, but I welcome the input of others.

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