Book Review Scale Redux

So, I sat down to read a new book and write a review on it, and immediately realized that most books I liked would be automatic 9s. I felt I needed to bring them down to at least a 7. So here’s the revised scale.

  • 10 – Rereading this is like reading a new book.
  • 9 – I reread this once a year.
  • 8 – I really enjoyed this, and will definitely reread it.
  • 7 – I really enjoyed it, but may not reread it.
  • 6 – Worth owning, but won’t reread it.
  • 5 – Not worth owning, but I can borrow it from the library.
  • 4 – I finished reading this, but it required discipline.
  • 3 – I want my money back.
  • 2 – I want my time back.
  • 1 – I refuse to waste my time further. (Unfinished read)
  • 0 – I would burn this book.
  • * – Worth acquiring digital and analog editions.
  • ** – I collect editions of this like normal people collect beanie babies.

This scale is better granulated between 5 and 10, and most books will come back at a 7. A 7 means that I enjoyed the book very much, and want to keep it in case I get a craving, but I didn’t immediately go back to start rereading bits of it as soon as I’m finished. If I start doing that, its guaranteed I’ll reread it.

Once a year rereads have been demoted to 9s, and 10 is a new level for books that I can reread on a relatively frequent schedule and yet retain all the impact of their first read. 10 is a high bar, and no one should feel ashamed they didn’t attain it.

Conversely, I am pretty easy to satisfy, story-wise, (I do like Harry Potter after all), so earning a 1 (or a 0!) is a pretty low bar to squeeze under!

Coming soon, a review of Shades of Milk and Honey!

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5 Responses to Book Review Scale Redux

  1. babychaos says:

    It’s a bit of cheeky ask but when the times comes, would you be prepared to have a look at mine? You can get it as an e-book (and I’m hoping to arrange for free review copies with a special coupon from Smashwords but I think I could send you a paper copy if you wanted (would need your address by secret e though).



  2. GeekLady says:

    …dearest BC, maybe you’d better let me write a couple to get a feel for how I comment on things, then ask me again. Because I’m notoriously picky, even on things that I genuinely like, and I don’t pull punches.

    And if I stumble across something I didn’t like, say, the Lord of the Rings movies, I positively excoriate them. To the complete frustration of the rest of the population of the known universe, who can’t understand where I’m finding all these faults.

  3. babychaos says:

    I can sympathise with your views on Lord of the Rings… I loved the books but the Movie was almost as crap as Camelot… I didn’t get through the first half hour, it was like a persil ad crossed with an armour buffing commerical and frankly, I suspect some glaciers are faster moving. I wouldn’t care if you hated my book… it’s marmite, much like myself so if you didn’t get on with it (like most of my friends) it wouldn’t ruin a beautiful friendship… I’ll look forward to reading your reviews and finding out if I’m too intimidated.



  4. babychaos says:

    Oh, missed off the last line… then we shall see!



  5. GeekLady says:

    It’s okay, I just felt I should warn you. You’ll understand better when I write up Shades of Milk and Honey, which I genuinely liked, but in sitting down to write up have had trouble thinking of good things to say about it! All I can focus on are the points where it failed me as a reader, and that doesn’t seem fair to like a book and spend the whole review complaining about how it’s all wrong.

    Perhaps in point of comparison I should also review Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… except that would require rereading it. Ugh.

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