Engagement Rings

I found my engagement ring yesterday.

It wasn’t ever lost, it has sat demurely in my jewelry box for… I don’t know. Years.

Officially, I stopped wearing it because one of the prongs had gotten bent and I didn’t want to lose the diamond. Unofficially, I stopped wearing it because I always had to take it off at work – solitary set diamonds do a terrible number on nitrile gloves.

But as I looked at it yesterday, I realized I was never really attached to it. It was a placeholder. And, hey, it’s shiny. And it has a story of an incredibly endearing, highly typical Mike-ism – he bought it without inquiring as to the size of the ring, without even considering ring size might be an issue until he was sliding it on my left hand… and it fit perfectly.

Looking at it, I feel vaguely bad over how much that ring cost him. I could never make up my mind what type of engagement ring I liked best. Looking back, I think it wasn’t important to me. Not like our wedding bands, which I knew were ours the moment I saw them on the webpage.

(For a hoot, I went and looked those bands up again. Wow, they’ve almost doubled in price. Apparently the vender’s gotten trendy.)

It was an odd thing, finding our wedding bands. I recognized them on that webpage like we’d been married fifty years. There were other rings I liked, some that I liked better, but none other that I recognized. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

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3 Responses to Engagement Rings

  1. mab says:

    Post a picture! I’d like to see it. I haven’t worn my engagement or wedding ring in about 2 years — two close pregnancies oddly swelled my knuckles and they won’t shrink. I don’t want to resize them right now, so my hub got me another ring as a bit of a placeholder for now. It’s good to have something on that hand again.

    Anyway, post a picture of y’all’s rings!

    • GeekLady says:

      I’ve tried and just can’t get a good picture of them. So here’s the ring on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.titaniumera.com/catalog/detail?cid=787&pid=371

      Yes, we picked them partly because Heart of Gold is the starship from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. (Nerrrrds!)

      No, they weren’t anywhere near that expensive when we ordered them.

      They’re all scuffed up, but we probably would have accidentally taken chunks out of normal gold bands by now.

      And while they only sell the 5mm band now, when we bought them, they sold a 3mm band. I have that one, and Mike has the fatter one.

      Someone told me that aircraft grade titanium rings couldn’t be cut off, so I fearfully had Mike order it a 1/4 size larger, to account for pregnancy swelling. This is fiction, you can cut titanium rings off.

  2. Ms. Humble says:

    I feel the same way about my engagement ring vs. wedding band.

    I lost mine several years back moving furniture, it just slipped off my hand. So glad it wasn’t my wedding band because I would of been devastated. The engagement ring though, for some reason it doesn’t bother me too much.

    Also, could you shoot me an email at notsohumblepieblog@gmail.com, geeklady? I don’t have your address (or seen any contact info) and I have a recipe you might be interested in…



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