Just Some Ranting

Well, if I’m lucky (in this specific context lucky means the PCR machine gremlin will not manifest himself) I can leave to go home at 7. Yes, that’s 7pm.

Everything has gone wrong today.

My RNA samples wouldn’t thaw, and I had to dilute them before I could pipet my plates.

My first plate’s RT mix was short by two samples, and I had to make up another batch, during which I ran out of a reagent and had to thaw a fresh tube.

Then the PCR machine’s screen for the RT step borked and I had to start it over.

Then I volunteered to do a transfection tomorrow so that our PhD student could spend the day with her parents and not worry. I have to come down here anyway to get my macula checked, so why not, it’ll only add another hour.

But that got me roped into doing the transfection today too.

Only first I had to move my first RT plate into the qPCR machine, so I start making my PCR mix, only to find I need to dilute more forward primer and probe.

Then I can’t find said primer and probe.

When I find the probe, I can’t get the blasted box open, it’s frozen shut.

Then they have to thaw.

My PCR mix is short by one sample and I need to make more. During which I run out of MgCl2 and need to thaw more.

I drop the cap of the brand new MgCl2 on the floor, so I need to decant the whole vial into a clean tube.

All of this getting my plate ready delays starting the transfection, so instead of 3:30, it started at 4:30.

I come downstairs and get my second RT ready for the PCR step, and this goes smoothly. The way everything else has gone today I’m sure I did something wrong, but I’m not sure I care. This plate won’t come off the PCR machine till 7 pm, and I have to stay to turn the machine off.

So I’m chilling at my computer and blogging. I should be measuring more histology, but I’m tired.

And with the boys in the valley visiting Mike’s parents, it’s not like there’s anything waiting for me at home anyway.

Well, there’s leftover cheese pizza.

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