In my web wanderings, I stumbled across this completely ridiculous graphic, comparing the iPad with the 2003 hp TC 1100. (via Chaos Manor Musings) And it’s completely full of it, it being fecal matter.

I notice they didn’t compare the weight, or the internal radios, or the thickness, or the type of HDD, or any of the other huge improvements present in the iPad. But just omitting the good qualities wasn’t enough. They had to lie about known technical specs too.

Granted there’s more information about the iPad, now that it’s available to order. But that it has some form of video out and a headphone jack have been known since it was announced. A brief perusal of Apple’s website weeks ago would give you knowledge of stereo sound and the camera connection kit containing a Dock to USB adapter and a Dock to SD card reader.

And are you really comparing the fact that the iPad lacks a phone jack?

Is this the best criticism you can come up with? Do you hate this unreleased device so much that you need to fabricate technical specifications? This is what is important to you?

Good grief.

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2 Responses to Really??

  1. babychaos says:

    I have a big problem with Apple though… it’s that they expect you to spend £400 on something with a battery which will only last for two years or so, they make backwards compatibility very difficult… In short, they’re complete b**tards…

    Why do I think this? Well… I have an ipod, it’s much younger than my smartphone but I never use it to play music, I use the smartphone. The reason is very simple. When the battery in the smartphone died I just opened the back and put a new one in… the ipod… well when the battery died it just died… opening it and sorting it was a major ball ache and when done, they changed the software to something my ipod doesn’t seem to like… I guess their market is first adopters rather than people who want something quality, user friendly and long lasting.

    Evil scrotes… never again.



    • GeekLady says:

      Which are honest complaints, even if I don’t think they’re entirely fair. But there are plenty of honest complaints about Apple products to go around, there’s no need to go making up dishonest ones.

      I’ve had 3 iPods. The HDD died on my first after 3 years, but the battery was still pretty good. The second one’s screen is a little wonky (it’s at least 3 years old by now) but again, still decent battery life. And my iPod touch is also going strong after a year.

      Compared to my last couple of cell phones, the phones just can’t compete. My battery life is terrible, I can’t find new chargers or batteries after a year, and updating the firmware for better coverage is a huge pain. I’m nursing this last one along hoping I get a new job soon and can replace it with an iPhone.

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