GeekBaby is sleeping through the night.

The war between his pediatrician and myself over his sleeping habits has been long and bitter, but I claim the victory. I have always held that he will start sleeping through the night when he’s ready and before. She has been nagging me since he was just 4 months old that he should start sleeping through the night, that he should be sleeping through the night, that I need to let him let him scream it out, that he’ll just get more and more sleep deprived. I have been telling her that he’s impossible to put to sleep, he is a restless sleeper and wakes himself up, that the only way any of us survived to get this far is by letting him sleep in our bed, that he was sleeping in his toddler bed and usually came in with us towards the end of the night, that since he was weaned he has been particularly dependent on cuddling and I wasn’t going to positively banish him from sleeping with us until he was more independent.

After the last visit I had resolved to take a tougher tact on him staying in his bed, mostly because he keeps kicking the GeekHubs in the kidneys, but it needed to wait till the end of February when I was taking a couple weeks vacation and the increased lack of sleep would not impact my benchwork. (Also it meant I could nap.) When all of the sudden he just started sleeping through the night.

He has a couple different night time cries. There’s one that means he’s fallen out of bed, or has gotten up and wandered into a wall or something. There’s another cry that means he’s waking/has woken up and where did mommy and daddy go?? (If I act fast on this one, he goes right back to sleep, but it does require intervention.) And then there’s the “I’m just fussing” a little cry.

Cry it out is obviously useless on the first cry, he’s scared and maybe has a bumped head. And experience (since he was 4 months on!) has taught me cry it out is useless on the second type of cry – he just escalates. But the third cry, almost too anemic to be called a cry, if you ignore it, it goes away.

He fuss-cried a couple times the first night, once the second night, and ever since he’s slept through without a peep. He’s also insisted on going to bed earlier than usual, and is harder to wake up in the morning. I’m hopeful that this represents a mostly permanent change to his sleep.

But even if it isn’t, I am so, so very thankful.

[Update] Last night he resumed his sleepless behavior including sitting on my head at night. *sigh* At least I got a week out of it.

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