Girl Genius

I love von Zinzer. He’s the guy on the bottom right, and he reminds me of my husband. He even looks like him.

A quick recap, they’re performing an experiment (a risky one) that has the one girl who might be able to call off the violent robot-lady currently incapacitated. They don’t really know if the experiment will work. The dumber minion has already been knocked out by one of the smarter minions.

And here’s Moloch von Zinzer, just this normal guy, surround by absolute mad crazy things (and people), and he just bounces from one crisis to the next without it really getting to him.

So when Zeetha shows up in the knick of time to deal with the violent robot-lady, he just takes it in stride.

But he also takes the opportunity to tell her to kick the Castle for him.

He’s just hilarious and adorable and possibly my favorite male character, even moreso than Gil. But if they kill Gil, I’ll still cry.

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