Catholic Board Book!

I noticed, first as a godmother then a mother, that good children’s books about Christmas and Easter were rather thin on the ground. I didn’t expect to find anything more esoteric than this, but I didn’t expect it would be so hard to find decent board books for such major holidays! Most were so trivial that I gave up in disgust and resolved to look in the big Catholic bookstore next time I was in the area.

After that look, I wished I could put my eyes out, because the majority of the children’s book art was unnecessarily and sometimes horrifically creepy. And to give a reference point for creepy, it wasn’t quite “teletubbies toys with eyes that glow red” creepy, but very close.

And then I found this:

I read about it on The Wine-Dark Sea several months ago, but when I was browsing the kids section of the big Catholic bookstore this week for a separate project, I stumbled across it and snatched it up.

And it’s just beautiful. It’s not like the trivial, overly sweetened, diluted content “children’s” book I’ve run across. The writing is simple, but runs deep. It will still have use long after GeekBaby has graduated to books with more words than pictures.

I just love it. It’s beautiful. It’s not cheesy. It’s got great works of art AND a list of citations in the back. How can I resist a children’s book with a bibliography?? I’m also tickled that Blessed Fra Angelico is credited with co-authorship. It has extra appeal for me, because we saw most of these paintings at the Museo di San Marco in Florence on our honeymoon.

It’s supposed to be a series of three books, one for each Person of the Trinity. I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of them.

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