A Very Cool Idea

There isn’t much in the way of good religious board books or other items for toddlers, much to my disappointment. But last Sunday the family in front of us had solved this problem on their own, and in a very cool and inexpensive fashion.

They had taken a bunch of laminated holy cards, punched a hole in one corner, and threaded them onto a key ring. Like so:

Tell me that isn’t the best idea you’ve seen for entertaining a toddler in Mass for a long, long time?

The little boy in front of us was fascinated with GeekBaby and kept trying to share them with GeekBaby. GeekBaby, of course, doesn’t know the meaning of share and wanted to keep them. Since GeekBaby had his 18 month checkup on Tuesday, we took a side trip afterwards to the big Catholic bookstore and made our own.

We’ll give them a trial run tomorrow morning and report back.

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