Twelve Days of Christmas Are Important Recovery Period

One good reason to keep the official twelve days of Christmas is so that mothers have time to recover from the crushing, bruising, relentless build-up to Christmas Day.

I haven’t written very much partly because I’ve been so terribly busy, partly because GeekBaby hates it when I sit at my computer, and partly because I’m a lazy bum. But just to illustrate, I finished my mom’s gift of homemade pajama pants (they’re wedgie-free!) at 11pm on Christmas Eve. I wrapped them, changed into nice clothing, and went to Midnight Mass with Mike and a baby that slept soundly through the entire service.

I’d go to Mass every week at midnight if it meant he’d sleep through it instead of running around causing mayhem, but sadly that’s not an option.

Also on Christmas Eve, I baked two apple pies, one of which was Perfect, the other merely Very Good.

I also baked a double batch of pepparkakor cookies, and rediscovered two important things. It had been so long since I’ve made cut outs that I’d forgotten how much fun they are. I also forgot how many cookies were in a single batch of pepparkakor. I thought one batch made about 3 dozen, so I doubled it to obtain 6 dozen. Turns out a single batch makes 6 dozen, so I ended up with over a gross of cookies.

One gross of cookies is an impressive sight. I wish I’d taken a picture. Fortunately GeekBaby likes pepparkakor, or we’d never have gotten them all eaten.

Then there was the six hour drive to spend New Year’s with los abuelos. When we went to Mass that morning, our little family got to bear the gifts. GeekBaby did very well with the basket, until we got to the front, where he got spooked by the priest and shied off to one side with the collection. Oh well, it’s not like Mass at that church is a paragon of liturgical coordination.

Then there was our sixth wedding anniversary on the 3rd.

So I’m just finally recovering from all the preparing and cooking and celebrating and eating and traveling. Whew.

Now I get to make New Year’s Resolutions and write thank you notes. Whee.

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