The One Week Scarf Challenge

…also known as the torment of “Secret Santa”.

I suffer from the desire to give perfect gifts. To give something that surprises and delights the recipient. So the yearly secret santa is a bit of a torment. And what’s a lady to do when she gets her boss for the third time in six years? I can’t keep giving him books.

This, however, seemed like quite a good idea. I’d been wanting to do this pattern for ages. And it’s easy to spend $20 on nice yarn. Besides, I had a week. How bad could it be?

Never, ever say that about a project. Because I knit every spare moment for a whole week, including the incubation periods of my cardiomyocyte isolation on Monday, and I was still up till eleven on Thursday evening finishing it up. I washed it, blocked it, and went to bed. In the morning I had to throw in the dryer for five minutes to help it along. But I got it done. Here’s a picture!

It’s an amazing pattern. Ms. Oshiro did a fantastic job of capturing the structure of DNA in the pattern, the major and minor grooves, the degree and rate of twist. It’s fantastic. And there’s a beautiful logic in the cabling itself, by the time I reached the end of the scarf, I no longer needed the charted instructions.

I used about 1 and 1/2 skeins of sport weight Louet Gems, a superwash 100% merino yarn. And it was a scrumptious yarn to knit with, but I was worried the scarf would end up a little itchy. I was amazed on Friday morning – washing brought out an amazing level of softness. I wanted to keep it very much, but wrapped it up on Friday morning and rushed off to the party, GeekBaby and rum cake in tow.

The boss loved it. So it was worth it.

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  1. babychaos says:

    Waaaaaay cool!



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