A Long Time in Realizations

Since it’s gotten cold here (a rarity, I know) I’ve been forced to come to a painful conclusion.

None of my pre-baby winter clothes will ever fit me again.

This is not a sob about baby weight. Even if these clothes needed to be positively taken in so as to not hang off my frame, they will never fit again. Why? The sleeves are too tight.

Since giving birth to a nine pound tyro of destruction, I’ve grown biceps. Bigger biceps, as I suppose that the muscles themselves have always been there. Now that they’re more prominent, I cannot fit them comfortably into sleeves.

Women’s clothing designers have many… idiosyncrasies regarding what women’s clothing should be shaped like. (Heaven forbid that it is actually shaped like women.) This is just one more – women cannot have even modest muscles in their arms. Women can only have weak little spaghetti arms.

It’s rapidly coming to a crisis. Either I spend a great deal of money on more expensive, better fitted clothing, or a I spend slightly less but still significant money AND add on time I don’t have on making my own. Either way, it’s becoming impossible to shop off the inexpensive racks.

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4 Responses to A Long Time in Realizations

  1. babychaos says:

    I envy you the bit about hanging off your frame, mine don’t but as somebody with an upper body like Arnie – for the same reason, I hear you sister… I’ve a 43 inch chest now, too, that’s 36 inches of me and all the rest is boob. A blessing in many respects but try finding a size 22 top for a woman with a waist!



    • GeekLady says:

      Oh my dear BC, they’re not hanging off me, I could only wish they were. But they do theoretically fit, if I could only wedge my biceps into their teeny tiny sleeves.

  2. mab says:

    Ignoring the non-post related comments….

    I’m so with you on the pre-baby clothes! My arms are bigger, my ribs expanded and even my knuckles swelled. I can’t wear my wedding bands anymore. No, it’s not fleshy fat (although that’s present elsewhere…) but the actual knuckles.

    Yesterday I spent 4 hours at Stein Mart putting together an outfit for Peanut’s Baby Dedication today. (It’s the Baptist equivalent of a Christening.) I tried almost everything in the store and bought my final outfit without looking at the price tags. (I was determined to have at least one decent looking outfit in my closet!) Anyway, it still didn’t turn out to be high for a nice outfit — and it’s pants and a jacket so I can use it a lot. Anyway, shop at the discount nice stores (Stein Mart, Ross, Marshall’s) and you won’t have to compromise.

    Now if we could just get the fashion industry to acknowledge a true woman’s shape! They need a persistent voice to remind them of this need. Hey… maybe twortd could have this as a new focus!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. bearing says:

    Leave ’em up, it proves what a dork that guy is.

    Anyway, what I was going to say is, I hear you. I took up swimming a couple of years ago and I already see some problems fitting into some of my sleeves.

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