Snow Day!

We had snow today. The weather gurus were even predicting isolated areas of 5″ which is practically unheard of in this part of Texas. Our neighborhood didn’t get anything but a light frosting, but fun was contrived anyway.

Yes, I know he’s outside without a hat, he kept taking it off and throwing it on the ground. Just don’t tell my mother in law.

My morning was spent in the acquisition of a warm coat for GeekBaby. Terrible mother that I am, I did not have a warm winter coat for him. My reasoning was why waste the money until we needed it, and I ended up getting it heavily discounted, so it worked out. I did balk at spending as much on mittens and hat as I did on the coat. So I spent the rest of the day knitting mittens. I finished one (after misplacing the thumb hole and completely frogging it) and am through with the ribbing of the second. So he’ll have mittens as soon as it’s warm outside again.

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One Response to Snow Day!

  1. babychaos says:

    Wow! Look at your little man! I hear you about the hat, Junior BC is equally loathe to wear one. My solution is the hoodie. I flip the hood up when it’s cold and it’s harder for him to get it down. I know if he feels cold because when I put a hat on him, he leaves it there!



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