Study in Imperfection

I have abandoned cookbooks.

They often don’t have enough pages within certain categories, they rarely have the right categories, and they never have the right kind of recipe format.

For years my recipes have existed on any scrap of paper big enough to write said recipe on, piled in an old paper HEB bag. Very organized, I know, but I didn’t know what else to do. Recipe database software had different, but similarly themed issues, and was really unusable.

When we moved, a friend very sweetly sent me a beautiful cookbook stand for my new kitchen. And I knew what I wanted. I wanted a beautiful cookbook. Something that would stand in my kitchen and hold all my miscellany and disorganization and be beautiful.

What i ended up with was this:

Another picture, so you can see the pretty cookbook stand:

That book is just a blank book from Barnes & Nobles. It has a little under 200 pages, plenty of space, and I’m handwriting the recipes in. My handwriting needs the practice anyway.
Nothing is in any particular order, just whatever I wrote them down in. This is my heirloom cookbook, with recipes from family and friends, all good enough to be worth writing down by hand, and with all the errors that implies.
I could not find the perfect cookbook. So I’ve decided to have the most imperfect cookbook I could come up with.

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