Halloween 2009


GeekBaby was Link (Ocarina of Time young version) for Halloween.

I had a lot of fun planning and making this costume, although it was a last minute job.  Originally I wanted to dress him as the Companion Cube and I would dress as Chell from the Orange Box.  Mike would have gotten a crowbar and gone as Gordon Freeman.  But my costume ended up being too much work, so I changed my mind at the last minute and had to think of something else.

I made this costume in the week leading up to Halloween, and reused as much material as I could find.  Excepting the paint, his wee sword and shield are all scavenged from things around the house.  I made the tunic and hat the afternoon of Halloween.  The tunic was almost too small, but worked much better than I anticipated.  I didn’t hem anything, so it’s just the 4 seams and a slit cut in the front for the collar.  I’m especially proud of the hat.  Total cost was about $20, for fabric, thread, cotton belting, buckle, and painting supplies, but it’s much more awesome than what you’d get for that price in a store!

He loves charging with his toy Master Sword.  I took this picture, and he charged me.  We took him to his grandparent’s house, and he charged Big Daddy down like a pro!


Close up of the Shield of Hyrule. It’s made of black foam core, spray painted silver, and the colors are done with model enamels.  I free handed all the drawing, and it turned out really well!  I attached it to the tunic with a big safety pin stuck to the back of the shield with some packing tape.


Close up of the Master Sword. It’s cut out of black foam core and painted. The hilt was wrapped with some shelf liner scraps and then wrapped in blue duct tape.


Oooh, he found a rupee cookie!

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