It was perfect, until they had to go and screw it up…

(Yes, it’s been awhile. No, this is not an excuse as to why.)

I appear to be alone in the world, but I hate Stanza. It has a terrible reading experience. It’s a bundle of UI sins wrapped in the one useful feature of its ability to get pretty much any text file onto your iPod. Reading a book with Stanza was haphazard at best, and infuriating at worst.

And then the Kindle app came out, and reading a book on that was everything reading a book should be. No longer did the text flip to horizontal at random moments if I read while lounging. The brightness stayed at the appropriate level. My child’s wandering fingers no longer turned undesired pages. I could easily adjust the font size without the constant risk of accidentally changing the font size and losing my place. Reading with the Kindle app was perfectly, simply, reading. The reading experience was so good, that I could forget I was using an electronic device. Sometimes I wore my iPod’s battery down twice in a day.

(I will admit, I tried Stanza again after several months and updates had gone by, and when a book I wanted to read wasn’t available on the Kindle store. While it has improved, I annoys me how many things I have to go into the options and turn off just to get just a decent reading experience. And I still can’t adjust the font size easily without digging deep into the settings.)

And then Amazon went and bought Stanza. And I started to worry when people said the Kindle app’s days were numbered.

I made Mike download the Kindle app so I could check out the updated version, I (wisely) wasn’t going to risk losing my book reader app. I’m going to play with it extensively this weekend.

My first impression is not a good one, and I’m tempted to pan it right here and now, but I haven’t played with it for more than 10 minutes, and I’m determined to give it a fair shot.

Just not on my iPod. Some things you just don’t risk.

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