In Defense of an iPhone Nano

I know that the iPhone Nano is not a real possibility. But I really wish it was.

Right now, I’ve got a crappy little Motorola candy bar that I paid $20 for. It has no camera. It has no keyboard. It is just a phone. And I love it.

It sounds weird to love it, but it’s the easiest cell phone I’ve ever owned. And I have a soft spot for electronics that don’t make me hate my life.

But I still wish it was like my iPod touch. I wish I could sync it with my address book. I would rather have the keyboard for texting than the keypad. I don’t care about using it for internet, for email, for an iPod or a camera.

I just desperately want a phone that will play nice with my address book on my computer and that I can send a text message with in under 5 minutes. And if there’s going to be an iPhone Nano, this is what it should be. Just a phone that does cell phone well.

I’d buy it for $99. I bet a lot of people would.

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