One Wondrous Thing

There was one wondrous thing that happened last week. In fact, not only is it it happening right now, as I type these words, it’s enabling me to type these very words.

GeekBaby has started sleeping in his crib.

That’s right, he’s gone from requiring the human mattress (or worse, screaming for 30 minutes in the crib until he passed out from exhaustion) for his brief naps to sleeping with minimal fuss in his crib. And then, last week, it was like *that*, 5 minutes of half hearted fussing and rooting around in the crib, then he’s asleep. For a long time too, I’ve actually had to go in at the two hour point to check if he was still alive.

I don’t know what to do with myself when he takes a two hour nap. He has never taken a two hour nap before in all 8 months of his life. Right now I’m spending half my time rejoicing that he sleeps, and the other half fretting over him only going to sleep with his wee face pressed into the mattress/blanket/my old teddy bear.

Well, I figured out what I was going to do with my hour. I just squandered it watching the last half of the second episode of The Prisoner.

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