Awesome Stroller Bag

Those of you who researched strollers rather than shopped for them know that they offer various amenities to parents.  Amenities above and beyond the wheeling-baby-around part.  Some are off roaders.  Some have sequins and rhinestones, others mp3 players.  Most of them have cup holders, except for some of the really expensive strollers, coughBugaboocough, which are apparently too good for cup holders.

When we bought the Maclaren, there was this organizer thing velcroed to the back.  When I asked if this came with the stroller, I got an “oh no, that’s separate.  And $30.” response.

Sorry,I draw the line at spending $30 on a velcroed on stroller organizer.

As it turns out, I had this tote bag from that fit perfectly between the stroller handles.It’s actually their gift wrap, (originally encasing a set of “Attack of the 50 Foot Baby” blocks) how awesome is that?  It even gives equal props to dads as well as moms.

I took some grograin ribbon that I had lying around, got a couple of split key rings just big enough to go over the stroller handles easily, and sewed those puppies to on the inner of each side.  The resulting bag is extremely lightweight (important for such a light stroller), has plenty of room, can coordinate with the stroller pusher (mom or dad), and is machine washable (just slide off the split key rings).

Oh, and did I mention it looks awesome?

On stroller, empty

On stroller, with stuff in it


Close up of stroller ring

Close up of stroller ring

Can barely see anything from the right size

Can barely see anything from the right side

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2 Responses to Awesome Stroller Bag

  1. Kristina says:

    Wow! How do you have time to do this stuff? My 8 month old won’t let me more than 10 feet out of his sight before screaming for me to come back and play with him. By the time he goes to bed, I’m too exhausted to do anything but watch TV or read for a bit before I go to bed too. I’ve got all these sewing projects I’d like to do.

  2. GeekLady says:

    Oh, this was only about 5 minutes in front of the sewing machine, I plopped him down on one side of the room and by the time he had crawled over to me, I was done.

    He was annoyed, but to celebrate we went out for a walk, that placated him.

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