I broke down today and bought a stroller.

We were at the mall today (buying me new some new work clothes), and it was just unbelievably exhausting to hold on to him.  So on the way home we stopped at a Right Start to test drive a stroller and ended up buying the floor model Maclaren Volo for 10% off.

GeekBaby doesn’t really like the stroller (when it’s not moving at least), but I can’t carry him all the time anymore.  He’s just a lot of baby, and now that he’s crawling he struggles to get down and experience the world under his own steam.  Twenty pounds of writhing baby is a little much, even for me.

And anyway, it’s manifestly impossible to try on blouses with a baby strapped to your chest.

I didn’t want to buy a stoller, the good ones cost too much, or are too heavy, or really big and bulky, or don’t handle very well, and did I mention way too expensive?  And we don’t really do a lot of things that would require a stroller.  I rarely go shopping at places where he can’t sit in a cart, short trips get the sling and longer walks the mei tai or the hiking back carrier.  And he’ll be walking before he’s a year, I just know it.

Who knows how long it’ll be used, neither myself or my siblings consented to ride in a stroller past the age of two and a half.

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