Gender Equality in Clothing

Women’s clothing has no pockets.  And for a long time I’ve railed about how we have no pockets and it’s not fair and half the time when there are pockets, they’re just decorative pockets, you can’t carry anything in them anyway, and this is why women carry purses, not because they need to carry everything and the kitchen sink with them, hmph.

Well, I’ve been going in the wrong direction.

Instead of campaigning for real pockets in women’s clothing, I now encourage the complete and absolute destruction of pockets on men’s clothing.  Let men carry purses with us, and without shame.

This post brought to you by my fervent desire to never need to clean heat dried gel ink off the inside of the dryer with isopropanol ever again.

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One Response to Gender Equality in Clothing

  1. Ram Venkatararam says:

    I’ll support your cause. My entire wardrobe (lower half anyway) consists solely of a pair of gray sweatpants. They have no pockets and I have no need.

    My upper half is more formally attired (t-shirt and orange vest) because this what my customers see. I own a convenience store.

    10% off pocket protectors for you in appreciation of your new movement.

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