Postpartum Hair Loss

Ah, pregnancy.  Even almost six months after giving birth, you still manage to throw me a curve ball.

I knew that your hair stopped falling out, i.e. grew, more than usual during pregnancy.  But what no one tells you is that more than usual hair follicles go to sleep when your hormones plummet after giving birth.  And when all those follicles wake up again and grow a new hair, the old one falls out.

Thus an awful lot of hair starts falling out anywhere from 1 to 6 months after you give birth.

An awful lot of hair.

Even though I read about this weeks ago, it never prepares me for shampooing or brushing my hair and coming away with long tangles of lost hair wrapped around your fingers.  It’s surreal.

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2 Responses to Postpartum Hair Loss

  1. Rita says:

    Hi, there is no need to be worried about going bald due to hair loss. I noticed a more general article that would help all members of the family regarding hair loss. It talks about DHT and natural ways to avoid hair loss. I found it useful:-

  2. GeekLady says:

    See, this comment cracks me up because no where in my post did I indicate any fear of becoming bald. Nuts, I commented on my follicles growing new hairs, which is like the opposite of bald.

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