New Year’s Resolutions

(Just so that I’m on the record somewhere…)

  1. I will post something here every day.  Yes, maybe it’s just a reflection on the pooping habits of six month olds, or six month olds starting solids, or a reflection on mother’s obsession with the pooping habits of said six month olds (with or without solids).  And I don’t promise it’ll always be well written.  But it will be something.
  2. Get just organized enough that we all always have clean socks, and not so organized that they are categorized by the day of the week.
  3. Lose the rest of my pregnancy poundage.  (Funny, how similar-sounding poundage and bondage are, huh?)
  4. Read more new books.  Usually I reach for a well read favorite (cost saving measure), but since I’m living with my folks, I might as well take advantage of it.
  5. Learn something new.  It has to be something that challenges me, and can’t cost too much.  Crafting and cooking techniques are right out.

This may sound ambitious, but I’m only hoping for one of them to take.

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