Every Space Setting

So I’m playing around with my Spaces setup a few minutes ago, and I notice a new setting “Every Space”.  It lets you set an application to show up in every space, and seems to fix my biggest problem with Spaces.

Previously, if you had a finder window open in one space, and wanted a new finder window in another space, clicking on the Finder icon in your dock would drag you over to the space with the finder window in it.  This drove me bananas.  But if you set Finder to Every Space, that one finder window will show up in all your spaces.

On the other hand, this means that if you have ten Finder windows open in one space, and move to another one, those windows are going to follow you around like lost puppies, and there’s no way to get rid of them bar closing them.  (I’m not going to continue the puppies analogy, too depressing.)

I kinda wish there was a middle ground, to leave those finder windows in the space they were created in, but clicking on the Finder icon would make them follow you to the new space, or even better, just open up a new instance of the Finder.

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