The last three months have just kicked my butt.  In that time, I have:

  • temporarily moved into my parent’s house (more on that later)
  • gone back to work part time
  • put all of our junk in a storage unit
  • left the apartment complex we’ve lived in since we got married
  • caught a cold
  • had Thanksgiving
  • finished the baptismal gown
  • baptized GeekBaby
  • developed a sinus infection from said cold
  • spent 16 hours in a car traveling to and from Los Suegros for Christmas
  • spent New Year’s Eve with my parents (i.e. at ‘home’)
  • spent another 3 hours in a car traveling to see GeekBaby’s godparents (and our goddaughter) on New Year’s Day
  • GeekBaby caught a (different) cold
  • went back to work, again

I’ve been rather busy.  And in the meanwhile, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not angsty enough to have a blog.  Even when the pastor of the church where GeekBaby was baptized dropped another two babies on my deacon friend with an hour’s notice, even when I had a sinus infection and was miserable, I got no solace from blogging (and obviously didn’t bother).

I swallowed my pride and we moved in with my parents at the beginning of November.  This let me go back to work while my  mom watched GeekBaby, but it also got us out of a frustrating rent situation.  They were raising our rent (again), to the point that it just wasn’t worth staying at the complex.  But that meant we had to move, which meant I probably couldn’t walk to work anymore, and The Husband doesn’t want to go back to this particular HS next year because the teaching environment is completely unsupportive, only if he gets a teaching job in College Station next year, we’ll still have 3 months left on our lease here in Houston, and it’s just all messed up.  Staying with my parents lets us get onto a better lease-renewing cycle, and save all that rent money for a house.

Because that’s the other problem, we would like to have our own place eventually, but every time we got really on top of everything, our rent would go up.  So this living arrangement lets us move towards a house of our own.  We’ve made it through the first two months, so we can probably stick it out the remaining six.  But damn, does my pride stick in my craw.

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