5 Month Update

GeekBaby is 5 months old today.  He also has a tooth just beginning to break the lower gum.

I am absolutely unprepared for him to be armed.  More armed, as he already has two strong little arms and an impossibly charming smile.  I’m so not ready for teeth too.

Today we visited friends who also have a baby boy, just a month younger than the young Geek, and it was fascinating to see the huge differences between the two.  Obviously GeekBaby is longer, heavier, and more developed – he’s the older of the two.  But GeekBaby has a lower pitched voice, less teething and far less hair, and while they’re equally demanding they have different demands.  His friend demands comfort and attention, GeekBaby demands involvement.  They’re such two different little personalities, all at 4-5 months.

At his doctor’s appointment in the beginning of the month, he weighed 18.25 pounds (and now is probably 19+) and was 27 inches long.  He can bear his weight on his legs, and tripod, and freaked out nicely from stranger anxiety for his pediatrician.  He’s started getting after our food and drinks, but isn’t sure what to do with them once he gets them.  He plays with his toys, and can roll over.  He even escaped from my mom – she left him on his floor blanket for 5 minutes, and when she got back he was gone, having rolled himself into the shadow of an armchair.

Where did my little baby go?

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One Response to 5 Month Update

  1. Tom says:

    Ah the bittersweet joy of being a parent. Often, as our four-year old gallops past us, my wife and I will look at each other, and point to the space between our palms and our elbows (where he used to nestle comfortably) and wail “what happened to our peanut?!”

    The handprints get higher and higher on the wall… and then they disappear entirely.

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