What is WRONG with people these days?

Seriously, I don’t know.

We always sit in the same general place during Mass; in the very back, on the left side (lady’s room is on that side), in a pew where we can get seats on the outer aisle.  I find it convenient to have easy access to the bathroom with a baby who occasionally sees fit to poop out of his diaper during Mass (who wouldn’t?).

And the number of people that insist on entering that pew from the outer aisle instead of from the center aisle just boggle my mind.  Why do they want to climb over or around a family of three including an infant instead of squeezing past the one person sitting on the center aisle?  I don’t know.  Normally we’ll have gotten up to let people into the pew at least three times before (or during!) Mass, and may I grumble about how silly it is to insist on entering from the side with the most people seated, but I get up.

Today I was nursing GeekBaby before Mass when yet another person wanted into the pew.  And this time I really couldn’t get up.  He’s entering that easily distractible phase and hasn’t been eating well; I didn’t want to disrupt a really good feed.  I told her that I was sorry, but he was eating and I really couldn’t get up, she would have to go around.

And she got huffy.  Really huffy, forced her way past us anyway (it was too violent to term squeezing), and nearly banged GeekBaby in the head.  Which, of course, distracted him from his meal.  And then she moved almost all the way down to the center aisle anyway!

And I just Don’t. Get. It.  Why is it such a big deal to enter the pew from the outer aisle instead of the center aisle?  The Mass hadn’t begun, the procession wasn’t taking up the aisle, there just doesn’t seem to be a reason to climb over two adults and an infant and then go all the way down to the other end of the pew anyway, instead of just entering from the other end where there’s only one gentleman sitting.

…Of course the homily today was about being charitable to others, which made me feel bad about my behavior.  The Husband says that I don’t need to, that I didn’t do anything wrong, that I had a good reason not to get up.  All of which is technically true, what makes me feel bad was my attitude.  This is one of my pet peeves, and my words were brusque because of it.  The whole incident just bugs me.

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