No Sew Fleece Blankie

Babies need floor time, both on their tummies and on their backs.  GeekBaby, in particular, likes to have his time kicking around on the floor, and if he doesn’t get it, is even more fussy than the current status quo.  But both my parents and my inlaws have tile floor, and that’s not so good for babies.

The tied fleece blanket is one of my favorite baby gifts for a couple reasons; it’s handmade but doesn’t require months of effort, it’s not too expensive, they are generally useful and fun.  And now I have another reason – they make great floor pads for hard flooring.

I needed something for him to use on the floor, and I used this fact to justify making GeekBaby a blanket out of this awesome pirate fleece I stumbled across.

Okay, I fess up, I just wanted to buy the fleece.  But GeekBaby loves it.  See?


You need at least 1 2/3 yards of a fleece print and the same of a fleece solid.  This will make a completely square blanket.  2 yards works for most older children and adults, but for tall adults 2.5 yards is better.  I used 2 yards for GeekBaby’s blanket because I fully intend on bogarting it if, at any time, he decides he is too old for a blanket his mommy made.

Spread both pieces of fleece out on the floor, one on top of the other, and smooth out any wrinkles.

Trim the cut edges so that they are even, and cut off the selvages.  You will have two pieces of fleece exactly the same size and shape on your floor, one on top of the other.  Leave them there, and go get a ruler.

I cut my fringe 5″ deep and use the width of the ruler to determine how wide my fringe pieces are.  First cut out 5″ squares from each corner of the blanket.

Then use the ruler to cut the fringe between the two squares.  I make shallow cuts first that are the width of the ruler, then go back and cut the full 5″.  If you have trouble making straight cuts, you can use pins to mark where to cut and how far, but I’ve made so many I just cut.  Moderate unevenness in the depth of your cuts is not very noticeable in the finished blanket.

When you have cut the fringe around the whole blanket, you just tie the two pieces of fleece together with square knots.  Each piece of fringe is tied to the corresponding piece of fringe in the lower piece of fleece.

Using a square knot means the fringe from the bottom piece will lie next to the top piece and vice versa.  That is how I ended up with the treasure map print with the blue fringe next to it.

Tada, you have a lovely and warm blanket without sewing!

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One Response to No Sew Fleece Blankie

  1. Denise says:

    Love the fabric, where did you get it?

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