A Day In The Strife

5:55 am – Drag myself out of bed, tuck a warm pillow up next to GeekBaby’s tummy to keep him from realizing I’m no longer there, and stumble into the kitchen to make coffee and pack lunch for The Husband.

6:10 am – Husband has left, sit down to enjoy my coffee and read webcomics.

6:20 am – Take advantage of the still sleeping baby to finish the second sleeve seam and weave in the remaining loose ends on his Tomten jacket.  It’s now finished!  Later I’ll put on some icord and toggle buttons, but it’s wearable.

6:55 am – Hear baby truffling around for boob.  Snuggle back up under the covers with him to nurse.

7:10 am – He’s done eating, but I can’t bear to get up again.  Spend 30 minutes snuggling sleeping baby instead of doing laundry.

7:35 am – Guilt gets the better of me and I go to sort laundry.  GeekBaby flails around in his sleep looking for me till I tuck the pillow up next to him again.

7:45 am – Sort laundry, quietly.  Find ten cents, I’m rich!

8:00 am – GeekBaby begins to make disgruntled noises, so I sneak out of the bedroom.  Most of the laundry is sorted anyway.

8:01 am – Contemplate sneaking a shower while baby is quiet.  Realize my bathrobe is in the washing machine.  Damn.

8:10 am – Hear squawks from bedroom.  I wouldn’t have had time for a shower anyway.

And away I go.

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