Baby’s First Hurricane

We came through the storm just fine, we were very lucky.  The fence at the apartment complex was blown down onto the hood of the truck, but it didn’t even leave a scratch.  My parents lost about 10 trees, but nothing fell on the house, and the water in the backyard reached the porch, but didn’t get inside.  So we were lucky, very lucky compared to many others.  Our complex had power and water back the Tuesday after.  Total damage is that one of the truck tires got a gash in the sidewall, but the truck needs new tires anyway.

The storm induced chaos, before and after, really left a mark on GeekBaby though.  He developed these dark rings under his eyes, didn’t sleep well, ate constantly till he overfed and threw up…  It’s only in the last week that he’s really getting back to being himself, especially in the matter of sleeping without being snuggled up next to someone, someone preferably being mommy’s boobs.  This is a great relief.

When I get around to scrapbooking up a baby book for him, he is so getting a ‘Baby’s First Hurricane’ page.

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