It’s funny, but first hurricane I ever remember occurring is the same first hurricane The Husband remembers.  He had to evacuate from it, and it drove north over 1000 miles to dump seemingly endless rain on me.  I remember asking my teacher about the rain and she told me it was the remnants of Hurricane Gilbert.  We were both eight.

Ike is on his way right now.  I’m not particularly worried, a Category 3 isn’t enough to make us do more than hunker down in the apartment.  (The daredevil in me wants to drive down to Galveston to see it.)

But I do have to get two dwellings in order for the imminent storm, solo, while caring for a baby just 7 weeks old.  Solo because The Husband’s school district didn’t want to have to cancel tonight’s big football game unless they had to, so they have declined to close school today, and they might not close tomorrow.  I hope their enrollment numbers suck for the next two days.

I’ll cope, but I’ve got work to do and I can’t vouch for my internet access from, say, Saturday into next week.

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3 Responses to Ike

  1. tinachris says:

    Pearland kicked Kempner’s butt through overkill. Still grousing. Stay dry and stay safe!

  2. angelak says:

    I hope all is well!!!

  3. GeekLady says:

    We live, have power and water and even internet. GeekBaby is cranky and cooing in turns. The Husband forgot one ingredient for dinner. Life goes on.

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