Babywearing – the Aftermath

The meeting was okay.  There weren’t a lot of women there, about 5 total including myself.  And they were nice.  I got some help getting GeekBaby into a pouch and combined with experiments on Sunday, I can carry him in the Hotsling.  But he’s awfully crammed in there.

I tried a ring sling, and it was okay.  There was too much fabric to really get a good feel for using it – when I had GeekBaby snug, the tail reached the floor.  And then I tried a mei tai, and i was in love.  He felt like he barely weighed anything, and I could wear him on my tummy or my back.

The downside is that new carriers aren’t cheap, so I’ve decided to make my own.  Most of the ones for sale are made by WAHMs anyway, so it’s doable.  I’ve got a couple yards of linen and some rings on the way for two ring slings, but I’m looking for the perfect fabrics for a mei tai, and thinking about how to best put it together.

But the babywearing meeting did acquaint me with one other thing, something that I suspected would be true and fortified myself against:

Other moms are scary.  It was 1st grade all over again.

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