Come As You Are

Occasionally, I come across these challenges issued by other blogs.  For this particular one:  take a picture of yourself right now – no cheating, no stopping to put on make-up or comb hair or wipe random bits of cookie from around mouth – and post it to your blog.

They puzzle me a bit, after all, I hate wearing makeup, my hair is snarled 30 seconds after I’ve combed it – 15 if I go outside, and I am generally neat and clean but any attempt to look ‘put together’ fails miserably, and fails moreso the more pregnant I get.  Really, it’s not something that ends up meaning much to me, which is why I never really join in the fun.

Why I decided to join in this one, I’ll never know.  All I know is that The Husband just handed me a slab of watermelon, and as I took a bite, a piece fell right smack dab on my cleavage as PhotoBooth went off.

So here I am, 36 weeks pregnant, watermelon, amusement, and all.

Come As You Are

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