Early Nesting

I must be nesting early, because all I’m doing is cleaning and organizing, even at work.

I made up a calendar this week, and realized I only have 2 completely unencumbered weekends before my due date.  That’s, well, not a lot of time, and the apartment is a disaster area.  A hot disaster area, I might add; summer has reached Texas at last.

I confess, I’m dreading these next four months of interminable heat and humidity much more than I’m dreading childbirth itself.

So I’m using this free weekend to thoroughly clean the apartment.  When I get the whole place meticulously cleaned, I get to buy On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness for the 360, but not before.  This may not sound like much of an incentive, but it is.  Really.

I already have the bathroom done.  Apart from the floor, which wants sweeping, it is clean.  Even the evil plastic apartment complex tub.  I’ve cleared off half the countertop for tiny baby diaper changes and baths, and half of the below sink cabinet for storing diapers.  Now we just have to keep it clean for two months, which is easier said than done.

I think I can be playing the Penny-Arcade game by Monday night.

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One Response to Early Nesting

  1. babychaos says:

    We did that! Not the cleaning, the booking up.

    I got so knackered, the idea of two hourly feeds all night seems like sweet relief.

    Have fun!



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