Pretty soon we won’t be allowed to eat, period.

Everyone has a different, and highly vocal, opinion, on what I should and should not (especially should not) be eating, as a pregnant woman.

For instance, I love coffee.

Really good coffee, properly brewed and all that, I drink black.  Merely satisfactorily good coffee is supplemented with milk and sugar, on the principle that the milk is good for me.

The rest of the world:  OMG, u r drinking c0ff33 while pregnant!  R u insane?

Attention world, see this cup?  It is Decaf.  And the latest epidemiological study didn’t find any increase in negative outcomes from daily caffeine intake when it was less than 2 cups a day.  So piss off.

This is only one example.  I’ve gotten multiple lectures on coffee.  I’ve also been strictured on:

  1. seafood (in general)
  2. salmon (in particular)
  3. salsa and/or pico de gallo
  4. cheese (not even brie, etc, just in general)
  5. beef/chicken/pork
  6. chocolate (!!!)

Salmon because of mercury, later expanded into all seafood because ‘you can’t be too sure’.  Salsas because they’re too spicy and might cause me to miscarry (wtf?)  Cheese, because it’s made with bacteria (thank goodness they didn’t see me eating yogurt).  Meat, because meat is ‘bad’ (hello, iron?).  And chocolate, because it too has caffeine.  Sadly the chocolate-disser expired shortly thereafter of a mysteriously unknown causes.  In my imagination.

Pretty soon I won’t be allowed to eat anything except carrots.

Scratch that, too much vitamin A is also bad for the developing baby.

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5 Responses to Pretty soon we won’t be allowed to eat, period.

  1. Brynn says:

    Salsa? Confused Brynn is confused….

  2. GeekLady says:

    I was informed that it was too spicy for me.

    Most of these restrictions come from one coworker, she seems to have quit ever since I responded “Yes, Mother” to yet another lecture on caffeine intake.

  3. babychaos says:

    I had all this shit, too, so I asked a doctor and I thought I’d post what she told me as a comment just so you know!

    Ok, too much vitimin A is something you should avoid so that’s liver and offal generally.

    Pate because you dunno what’s in there ie offal with the wrong kind of vitimin A.
    Haggis because it contains liver.

    The rind of mould ripened cheese – but the innards are fine for you to eat if pasturised. Any hard cheese, pasturised or not is fine but don’t eat the rind.
    Avoid blue cheese

    Coffee is fine in moderation.
    Alcohol is FINE in moderation, one or two glasses two or three nights a week.

    Seafood is about whether or not it’s fresh, if you know and trust the source fine once or twice a week.

    Mercury fish are: Marlin, Swordfish or Shark.

    Tuna is fine but only once a week.


    Yeh, sorry sushi and oysters are out.

    Air cured meats are supposed to be dodgy because if they come from a bad source they can make you ill so like the seafood then, if you like your parma ham, sussicon etc eat sparingly from trusted sources.

    Cook your eggs through – yeh, I’d probably kill for a pukka omelette right now – but custard is fine. Yolks need to be firm on fried eggs or boiled eggs.

    Mayonnaise fine shop bought but don’t make your own with raw eggs.

    Lamb or Beef should be well cooked or from a trusted source.
    Chicken and pork should be properly cooked anyway.
    Salsa, really good for you.
    Spices and curries, no worries.

    There! Eat what you want and fuck’em I say!



  4. Luna_the_cat says:

    A common experience in pregnancy is that your sense of smell will get really sensitive, and things that normally wouldn’t bother you will smell foul (food-wise I mean). This is your body’s millions-of-years-old-evolutionary-response to eats that are only (potentially) damaging during pregnancy.

    Trust your sense of smell.

    Aside from that, I think the only reason why you should need to stay away from spicy foods or chocolate is if they give you indigestion. So to heck with that nonsense.

    …I would say, though, don’t drink out of any plastic bottles with recycling mark 7 on them. Many of those still contain bisphenol-A, which is a powerful endocrine disrupter.

    Not like you asked *my* advice either. Just following you on Twitter and thought I would stick in my obligatory $0.02.

  5. GeekLady says:

    bwahaha, I love you BC, because you’re so much like me, and always have an answer. I do know what things I legitimately should avoid, even if it’s annoying. (And I can’t get good parma ham here anyway…)

    It’s just I’m constantly told not to eat things that are, in fact, perfectly safe – being told not to eat them drives me batty. Worse even than the lecture about chocolate was the time I was told that too much capsaicin (hotness in peppers) would cause miscarriages/preterm labor.

    I mean, most people just stick to warning about the heartburn, but he had to go and up the stakes…

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