Finally Reconnected

We finally got the DSL set up today.  Ten days of no internet at home… it gave my dad the chills just thinking about it.  I got the opportunity to show off my geek skills by fixing the new and already broken DSL this morning by switching the phone cord from one jack to the other.  So I feel I’ve lived up to my name today.

We briefly mooched off of someone with an open WiFi network last Tuesday, but all the rest of the local networks were secured.  Conscientious punks.

When the network connection was finally up and running, this little gem was waiting for me in my RSS feed.

(For the record, Ctrl-C seems to be an archaic ‘quit’ command, according to the GeekBrother.)

I love xkcd, even the ones I have to look up in Wikipedia before I get the joke.

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