A Fascinating Sociological Experiment

We did the whole baby registry thing.  I hate registering for stuff, one, because it just makes me feel uncomfortably like I’m begging for stuff, and two, people are going to buy fun stuff they like (i.e. clothes and toys) anyway, so what’s the point?  The registry gun was malfunctioning, so even the fun bits of registering weren’t so fun.  But I understand people do want an idea of what you need/want/like, so I capitulated.

We were in Target (knowing Target to be, for our purposes, universally available), and it occurred to me…

This is a SuperTarget.

SuperTarget sells beer.

This just begs the question – can I register for a six-pack of Guinness with the baby registry gun?

The Husband said NO, so I didn’t get to find out.  But seriously, it’s a fascinating sociological experiment.  If I did, what would happen?  Would Target edit my registry, or let it slide?  What would the people viewing the registry think?  Who would say a well-intentioned (or otherwise) something to me?  And, most importantly, how much beer would show up as gifts?

I’m simply dying to find out.  

My money is on one of two reactions*.  One, they will think “oh her husband got ahold of the registry gun and snuck it on there, ha ha”  Two, they will be horrified, absolutely horrified.  Either response has the same essential implication, moms shouldn’t drink.

Never mind that alcohol levels in breastmilk are dependent on BAC, because breastmilk is made ‘on demand’ alcohol doesn’t accumulate in it.  Never mind that alcohol is listed by the AAP as a “Maternal Medication Usually Compatible with Breastfeeding”.  Never mind that I didn’t drink all that much before I was pregnant, haven’t touched a drop since, and am dying to be able to safely have the occasional beer again.  

And I won’t even touch the old wives tale about dark beers helping milk supply.  Not with a ten foot pole.

Now, I know this is really just one facet of the old prejudice.  That, once they’ve bred, women aren’t just people anymore, they’re held to higher standards than mere mortals.  Which, of course, makes me want to rub people’s noses in it even more.

But it would still be interesting to see the reactions I got.  Maybe I can talk The Husband into it, you know, from the scientific perspective.  But then he’ll want me to write it up in a paper too, and that’s work.

* The third, and best possible (but least likely) reaction, was provided by Deacon David, who just wanted to know why I would register for Guinness when there are so many other ‘better’ dark beers out there.

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3 Responses to A Fascinating Sociological Experiment

  1. Brynn says:

    *is going to get you a six pack anyway–for the lolz*

  2. babychaos says:

    I think you should have! A week ago, I wandered out onto the street to help a friend who couldn’t find our house – we kept seeing him drive by so I stood on the corner and waved. It was only when I came in that some of the others remarked that a woman who was clearly 8 months pregnant waving frantically with one hand while holding a glass of champagne in the other might be frowned upon.

    Not so long ago we drank alcohol to live and if we drank water we died. Since I’ve been pregnant government advice has been one and a half glasses a week, none and one and a half glasses a day.

    I have gone for the happy medium had 2 small glasses of wine (ie one and a half of the Governments) on 3 nights of each week of my pregnancy.

    Go for it I say! it’s nobody else’s business but your own what you do.



  3. GeekLady says:

    This post shouldn’t be construed as supporting drinking DURING pregnancy, just an observation that I really want a beer after this is all over.

    Plus it’s annoying for people to think motherhood is so pristine. I mean, you spend your first couple of years cleaning up after whatever comes out of any of a variety of orificia.

    Also, I have a home internet connection again. Huzzah!

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