We had a lightening storm roll through on Friday night/Saturday morning.  Computers are fine, but the cable modem is fried and Comcast swears they can see it on the network, so they won’t fix it unless we pay for a site visit.  Here’s a hint, Comcast, when annoyed customers call because they haven’t had internet access all day and want to know if the storm damage is fixed yet, telling them their modem isn’t broken and so you won’t fix it, this is bad customer service.

So we’re waiting for a home phone line to get installed so OpLink can start providing us with DSL.  This will take about 10 days, unfortunately, and my only internet access will be via work.  Posting will be rare, new comment approvals will take time (sorry HBM), and my twitter frequency will be about the same, very slow because I’m still boring.

And Comcast… there are certain aspects of pregnancy that even I find noxious.  You can kiss’em.

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