Ahh, technology

WordPress has gotten off its collective butt and fixed the posting engine in Safari.  I am a very happy nerd at the moment, because I hated posting in HTML.  Hadn’t we moved beyond that, honestly?  Not until a few days ago, apparently.

Apparently the whole backend of WordPress has had some cosmetic and functional changes.  I have to relearn my way around things, edit categories and tags, et cetera, ad infinitum, yada yada yada.  It is, however, better than cleaning my living room, and I can’t touch my embroidery because my nailpolish is drying.  Okay, it’s clear nailpolish, but I still don’t want it smeared around on the latest project.  The project that has only 12 weeks to get done, yes it has to be done just like everything else baby-related… and I don’t have the time or money to begin again.

No, apparently I don’t care about getting nailpolish on my long suffering keyboard. Occupational hazard of being a keyboard.

It’s funny, but I’m not as intensely interested in traditionally geeky stuff at the moment.  3G iPhone?  Cool, but feh, I couldn’t afford justify the 2G version even before Podling showed up.  I certainly can’t now.  I don’t like talking about everything at my job to all and sundry, and found out yesterday that it squicked out my OB.  You’d think a guy that got through gross anatomy in medical school could cope, but apparently not, poor guy.  I’m not even twittering as much anymore.

This is all much to my dad’s disgust.  He says I have baby on the brain, but that’s not strictly true.  I have baby in the uterus, who kicks me soundly whenever he thinks I’m not obsessing enough about him. Usually this is somewhere unpleasant, like a kidney.  So it’s kind of hard to not be constantly aware, and consequently stressed about how much is left to do.

I’ve just noticed WordPress thinks it’s 11:56 pm.  I should go fix that, overhaul my categories, add tags, instead of sitting here yammering about it.

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One Response to Ahh, technology

  1. babychaos says:

    Trust me, all that stuff you’ve just dished on WordPress means you’re still a geek!



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